Angel Number 66 Meaning and Symbolism

About angel number 66 I’m going to give you some messages that your angels may be communicating to you if you are constantly seeing the angel number 66 or 6 is in general there’s a love/hate relationship with the number six people have very strong opinions about their beliefs in their truths I spend a lot of time researching the numbers see what I have learned from the spiritual realm is that there really is no evil you know evil is basically just the absence of good I don’t believe that six is triple six double six is an evil number I just don’t I’ve spent years trying to train my vibration and really try to be on the love vibes so for me to be like Oh sixes are evil then every time I see a six or something negative note the number six in excels represents Hiller’s it represents being domesticated the family life a nurturer protectors providers teachers people in that sense like you care and an interesting fact about the number six is that it resembles a pregnant woman a woman with the belly like the little belly so it also indicates you know a well a new addition you may be getting pregnant if you’re wanting to get pregnant and you continuously see the number six then it’s an indication that a baby is on the way so it’s a very nurturing number it represents like the home family life when you see angel number 66.

What does 66 mean in Angel Numbers?

it represents abundance creativity and it also represents flow it’s the lucky number that represents flow it’s a powerful message of love and healing so you may be going through some family issues or relationship problems when you see this angel nnumber 66 your angels are letting you know they are nurturing those relationships they are healing any issues and you should make a conscious effort to heal those relationship issues that you may have you may not be to the point where you want to go have a sit-down but you may be the one that needs to release it in your heart prayer works okay prayer works and your energy precedes you so if you let it go vibrationally at first I’m not saying you got a call that family member you got to go by the air you got to try to make a truce because they may not be where you are emotionally yet but you are encouraged to heal those relationships but okay I released it I am go pray for this person I am go send love to this person then watch how things you know start to come together but first you have to heal those issues in those emotions you have to forgive that person you have to forgive yourself for what you may have done to that person but your family is important your family is important and they need

What does Angel Number 66 mean spiritually?

you so your angels are guiding you to heal those relationships six also resonates with balance harmony and stability so you are go be provided for you are going to be able to live a very prosperous life you are go be stable in your finances your emotions your health everything is go be attended to by your angels you may be seeing angel number 66 are a series of sixes when you are going through stressful times and it is a message of healing help is on the way it’s coming to you just stay strong stay positive visualize the best case scenario visualize healing pray for healing for you for those close to you for your enemies but everyone just pray for healing and focus on healing your angels may also send you 66 as a message to be calm is the superpower first of all you have to work on maintaining your vibration no matter what you want there you got to stand firm and mister that storm that you’re going through you have to remain calm because when you remain calm that’s when the answers come to you that’s when the blessings flows to you that’s when the miracles come to you and you are receptive you can receive them because you are calm and you know you are go be provided for you know it’s go work out for you know you are go be healed so if you’re going through stressful times and you see this number that is a message that your angels are sending you peace stability you are go be okay calm down calm down six plus six is 12 in the route number is three because one plus two equals three and that represents the Holy Trinity the union of your mind your body your spirit your ascended masters are new they’re giving you the strength they’re giving you the ideas they’re giving you the creative outlook and input to go through with whatever it is you are visualizing as Bob Parker would say if you can see it in your mind you can hold it in your hand the reason that you are receiving these numbers is because your angels know that you will be able to interpret them they know you are go get it in your own special way or else they wouldn’t communicate with you via numbers they know that whatever it is that you’re struggling with or you’re having issues with or whatever questions you have they know that you’re go get it you just go to dig deep you go to ask for clarity you got to start putting two and two together and be like okay all right it’s starting to make sense because why every time when I’m thinking about this I see that oh why any time I go this place I see this or why is this occurring in my life they’re communicating with you got to pay attention sixty-six also reminds you to find balance because it does represent balance so they want you to balance your thoughts about your material and your spiritual the source of all wealth is not material all your blessings come from above whatever you choose to call it God the universe your subconscious your guardian angels source whatever it is you choose to call it all of your wealth all of your blessings all of the answers are worked out in the non-physical so release any fears any anxieties any worries that you may have release it let it go no it’s go work out for you no it’s go come to you when you’re ready for it go come when you are ready for it it’s inevitable ask and it shall be given to you so anything you’re worrying about you have to you have to find a way to calm your mind you have to find a way to balance your thoughts so that you are really focusing on the positive and you’re not really focusing so much on your material needs because you will be provided for and listen to what your intuition is telling you  are connected to the spiritual everybody around you may not be as connected as you are they’re not go get it okay so don’t let other people project their fears their insecurities their doubts their negativity on you have to listen to what your intuition is telling you because it’s go lead you to some beautiful places things are go manifest for you so quickly because you are trusting your intuition and the stronger that you grow your trust in the Angels your angels your spirit guides your guardian angels or whatever it is your shoes are called I may not be using the correct terminology for you but you get what I’m saying okay whatever it is you choose to call it the non-physical you will be provided for 66 also reminds you to pay attention to how you are connected to all living things we are all one we are all connected that’s true enlightenment when you realize that we’re all connected when the wave realizes that it is the ocean when you realize that we are all connected no matter the race gender ethnicity socioeconomic status we are all created by the same source 66 also represents unconditional love we are all connected I love everyone okay I love you too grumpy people need love too everybody unconditional love meaning you love people even when they’re being unloving you love people even when they’re being hurtful to you or hurtful to other people is a message of unconditional love you can’t throw your people in the trash when they don’t behave the way you want them to behave you still have to love them grumpy people need love to mean people need love to and hurt people hurt people so this number is a reminder to always keep your focus on always keep your focus on love it’s the highest vibration you can you meet and that’s the only thing that can fight the darkness they fight those lower level energies it’s just sending them love I’m not saying you got to be around them I’m not saying you got to praise them I’m not saying you got to do none of that all I’m saying is keep your vibration focused on love that’s why when people get to talk about all these people in the media which I don’t even want to give them any energy or say their names but I don’t jump on those hate bandwagon yeah they doing that’s wrong you’re their army people and being mean to people but I’m not go jump on that hate bandwagon I just can’t do it I always have to focus and keep my attention focus on love just because Yuri Sharon Post and say oh look at this he needs to be in jail and he need to get this and you’re still spewing that negative energy out so always keep your focus on love good things are happening for you when you see this number it is a lucky number six is the lucky number so good things are happening for you and your loved ones and all around you okay that’s how you know when your breakthrough coming with people around you start winning and start getting blessings yours are right around the corner angel number 66 wants you to focus on the love focus on the love and those that love you don’t focus on the hate like I have maybe I can count on one hand the number of negative comments I got I can’t focus on that it’s so much love I can’t focus on those little thumbs now when I got like hundreds upon hundreds of loving comics like I want to focus on y’all I don’t even have time to respond to all the love comments that I have I’m damn sure not go take any time out of my day to respond to somebody telling me something negative like no I want to focus on the love I only respond to love and that is my main intention I see that now don’t get me wrong I see you now I see it but I can’t give you any energy because I want to focus on the love when you see 66 there’s go be peace instability in your romantic relationships so you may be going through a troubling time you’re a romantic relationship but just pray on it pray on that thing tell God to bless your relationship my favorite prayer when it comes to my lover is blessed or block God blessed the block if it’s meant to be blessed if it’s not block it that’s it I don’t be like please bring her back to me please make them egg right please make them known bless this relationship bless this union and when you see that number your relationships are going to be stable they’re go be strong and they’re sending you blessings I always remember that a common is a creative mind and being calm remaining calm it’s go help your blessings flow it’s go help them flow easily and effortlessly to you so I always focus on remaining calm don’t let anybody get you out your element don’t let people do that to you were in control of your vibration you are in control of your energy you’re in control of your emotions okay so always I can’t stress it enough I use that information all the time calm as a super power I can’t let you knock me off my path I go to stay focused I go to stay calm cut out all the noise and confusion in your life cut out all the noise and confusion you calling me with this foolishness all the time you’re always sending me dumb text you’re tagging me and dumb cut it out okay cut out all that noise and confusion and focus on remaining calm rid yourself of any issues and problems that you got in your life they don’t serve you let it go your big dreams are soon going to manifest it’s coming it’s coming it’s coming the best is yet to come the better it gets the better it gets okay it’s go get better and better and better when you see sixty six angel number 66 stop worrying about money and your finances you been straight before you’re go continue to be okay alright if you barely been paying your bills before you’ve been getting on pay stop stressing about money switch it okay put your put your focus on how many times it’s worked out in the past you’ve been paying your bills you’ve been getting by you been here you’ve been provided for you’ve been taking care of your kids okay so always focus on house Oh worked out for you release any addictions that you may have let it go stop trying to self-medicate stop drinking so much stop smoking so much stop fornicating so much stop spending so much money stop gambling stop playing the number but stop going to the whatever you’re doing stop doing it okay stop holding on to that little crutch that you think is going to help you feel that emotion feel whatever you got to feel and break those addictions I’m still drug free 2019 it’s March what’s today March 14th three months in I’m still drug free I don’t have to do it you can’t easily release anything that doesn’t serve you so this number is reminding you you got to stay balanced okay let it go you know it’s not good for you stop popping those pills stop drinking the lean stop smoking two cigarettes stop eating all your chemicals stop eating so much sweets and bread or whatever if you got an addiction to food which right now that’s my thing I stopped smoking but I’m just I’m detoxing isn’t way okay because I’m eating bread and chemicals and rice and you know and I go to let it go so whatever it is you’re addicted to let it go you can do it you’ve done it before you can do it you don’t have to have it so stop it if you straight away from your family it’s time to come back your family loves you go back home hug your family all right you don’t want to wait till it’s too late like if you’ve strayed away from home go back to your family yes I’m talking to you go back to your family repair those relationships and first you got to let it go and release it in your heart find a new spark to an old flame 66 is reminding you of the importance of being close to someone and being loved because you want to be loved I don’t want to be by myself I don’t want to sleep alone every night I don’t want to not have a shoulder to cry on you really don’t you want somebody to live this life with so stop being so hard stop trying to protect your feelings stop trying to put their wallet you do want to be loved this is a nurturing a loving number you do want to be loved and you deserve to be loved and you are loved and you’re worthy of love if somebody is go love you somebody does love you okay you are loved I love you I love you see so this number is reminding you how important it is to have that special bond with somebody and to be close with someone it may not always be a romantic relationship but let their guard down so let somebody love you love you first love yourself but let somebody love you okay everybody is not out to hurt you the world is my evil okay the world is what you think it is you’re go feel good with your partner like start to envision the way you want to feel with the perfect person for you don’t think about those relationships to get in work don’t think about those losers okay think about like how beautiful love is and how wonderful it’s go feel to be able to eat dinner with someone and walk up and down the beach with someone and go to the movies with someone and walk in the mall and go to events and concerts and you know what I’m saying playing things with people and have holidays with people in Visionaries getting the vibration of feeling loved loving someone and someone loving you too it’s go come to you actually you can enroll them on manifest loved course – because I can help you get into that vibration of love and it all starts from within before you know it you go have a lover right in your bed and I just think you’re here you’re go have a lover in your bed like envision those feelings you’re go feel good with your partner and it’s go be a one it’s go be a perfect fit for you not for anybody else it’s go be a perfect fit for you but in order for you to receive love you got to give love and it starts from within give love to yourself give love to strangers give love to your enemies give love to your family in order to receive love you have to give it period you can’t be mean to everybody in the end want people to be nice to you angel number 66 also reminds you that material things aren’t important but nothing is more important than the way you feel nothing is more important than your emotions nothing is more important than your feelings the way you feel right now is the most important thing you got to be happy with where you are right now you got to be happy with what you have and what you don’t have right now the material things are go come it’s easy for the universe to manifest I just watched a secret again yesterday so I’m supercharged with good feeling thoughts but it’s easy for you to manifest in the physical world but first you have to master your emotions you got a mess of your emotions if you’re not happy with nothing you’re not go be happy with everything okay it’s so many celebrities and rich people that I can look straight on their social media and their presence online and tell they’re all that money don’t mean nothing you’re still unhappy you’re still hurting you’re still suffering I don’t want to be like that I’ll rather be happy with nothing and then I’m go say okay oh I’m go think I just know it I feel it because I had that vibration like I’m in that vibration of love and I know that it’s inevitable the blessings the money the material things they have to flow 66 because it is about balance it reminds you that you do know right from wrong you know what’s right you know if they don’t feel right it right don’t do anything you don’t feel comfortable doing you know the difference between right and wrong just because it’s legal doesn’t mean that it’s right always remember that slavery was legal and it still is under the Thirteenth Amendment okay trust a good trust your instincts trust your intuition and act accordingly you also have a special love for children and animals and that resonates with me so much because I’m a teacher I was a teacher for over ten years and I love that was the only job that I really loved never have the same day twice like I do have a strong love for children and animals I love animals that’s why I can’t eat them even though I start by eating fish and fish have feelings fish have feelings too but anyway um yeah so you have you have this strong connection and love for children and animals and one thing about animals and children is they have they can sense auras and energies and children love me and it just warms my heart when they come to me because I know that they can see my aura and my energy and they know that my love for them is pure and I talk to them as such you know I talk to them as such and I respect them so when you see that number a lot that’s why you know you have a you have a close bond in connection with children and it is your responsibility to guide them appropriately and to love them it’s a nurture them show the children and your family and the children that are close to you love be a shining light be a positive example for them show up for them and keep moving angels stagnation leads to depression okay that’s the low vibrating energy you always want to keep moving but once again you want to stay balanced don’t just move yourself just keep moving keep moving without rest or recovery rest and recovery is important as well but you always want to keep moving keep moving forward keep doing what you need to do last but not least and one of the most important this is the only bullet in my entire book angels everywhere that I have boated and this is for Angel number triple six choose your friends and your lovers carefully everybody a for you okay and when you have a healing energy and when you have a con spirit people will try to use you and abuse you and they’re go be drawn to you because of your energy so when you see this number it is a reminder for you to choose your friends and love it carefully and when people show you who they are you better believe it don’t give them two three photons to play you alright you can love them from a distance and never fall in love with potential means you are not doing that and now okay you have the potential to love me correctly but you’re not okay so choose your friends choose your lovers carefully don’t let nobody play you pay attention to the way people treat you and protect yourself protect your feelings protect your energy protect your emotions okay so angels I love you I’m sending you nothing but love and light I love you so much I want to say thank you for always sending me good energy always pouring into me thank you for all of the love that you send to me there are so many ways that you could send me love and support me you could put a heart in my comments I love hearts I love hearts you can download my three books I wrote three books in three months all by myself self-published I am printing them this year that is my main goal for 2019 it’s to print my books and gone bookstores Because I want to hug you I want to talk to you I want to take pictures with you I want to kiss you I want to send you love and I want to meet all of you so yeah download my books so that we can get the ball rolling on that the link is in the description you can enroll in my mini courses and you can like it share like and subscribe to my channel there are so many ways that you could send me love okay whatever works for you anything that you porn in me comes back to you tenfold hundredfold mini Poe thank you so much for always sending me love I love you like I can’t stress it enough I want to say it a million times every time I record thank you so much for always showing me love and pouring into me and yeah I see you in the next video

angel number 66 represents humanity community home and family social responsibility grace gratitude and simplicity but also material issues and provision angel number 66 is giving you a powerful message when it comes to unconditional love healing and faith the angel number 66 will often show itself in times when you are struggling with faith and trust you might go through some trying times in your job or your family life if you’re a person who tends to withdraw and start trying to control your environment in order to rebuild stability angel number 66 is telling you to change controlling behavior into one of trust and faith you desire harmony and love in your home life but you have to give it first and build a foundation on which everyone feels comfortable and secure if you respond to the stress within your home with control and even anger you will lose the trust of your family and from there is a long and hard way to rebuild any harmony or create any balance for your professional life angel number 66 will be visible when you feel that your expertise or status might be at risk your concern might be right but becoming vicious and trying to control your professional environment beyond the reasonable limits will hurt you at the end it is a fact that we all will be replaced at one time in our business lives but that does not mean all is negative it means you have done your part for society and deserve to be set free to turn your attention and interest to the desires of your heart be gracious and show understanding and you can move on with the respect of others with the angel number 66 your guardian angels advise you to show humanity be tolerant and supportive if you follow the advice of the guardian angels peace will come into your life now is the time to let loose and begin to discover the wonders of life angel number 66 also warns you not to create the perfect world in your mind and expect others to fulfill what you feel is right this will only end in deep disappointment and frustration seek the company of your friends and other like-minded people become more socially active and enjoy the beauty around you angel number 66 is challenging you to come out of your current stage and create an atmosphere of friendship and tolerance be sensitive to the needs of others but do not give yourself up as always balancing giving and receiving is the key to contentment and harmony clinging to your own ideals and trying to impose them on your friends and family members is not what you should do you will receive resentment an unnecessary hardship will be the result your guardian angels want you to recognize that not everyone has to have the same principles but you can still respect and accept each other if you long for harmony tradition and domesticity and follow your guardian angel’s guidance then it will come into your life but you have to be aware of your tendency to seek perfection not only in your actions but also expecting it from others that is not a realistic approach it will only lead to self-criticism and judging of your social circle with angel number 66 you will be warned that if you go down that path you will never find peace you are advised by your guardian angels to learn how we are all connected and how we influence each other to express more love gratitude and compassion for everyone around you and yourself angel number 66 is the message from your guardian angels calling you to trust and believe in the good will of the universe as your daily needs are constantly met they guide and support you in the manifestation of your goals desires and longings when you understand that you will find inner peace and joy through compassion life will become easier and you will be happier if you see angel number 66 when you feel something is not right in your relationship then the message is that you must be more careful in your connection with your partner open your heart and listen to what your partner or children are telling you they might have asked you for help and advice for some time now but you were too blocked to recognize their request for support [Music] angel number 66 is telling you to work on the bond with your parents siblings spouse or children this is the time to strengthen your relationships and they will become more stable and harmonious if you experience tension in your marriage ask yourself if you are too controlling and do not consider the wishes of your partner angel number 13 tells you to open yourself up to the interest of your partner if it is something you do not like that is okay you can spend time apart have your own hobbies and fun and then come together again and exchange your experiences your guardian angels are telling you that it is in your hands to create harmony and happiness as you have never had it before trust what the angels tell you and accept from them all the signs that will lead you to your perfect relationship angel number 66 is also reminding you that we are all part of a higher power the universe guides and protects us and we have to learn to trust that it only wants the best for us what could be better than knowing that you can rely on a higher and more powerful force to support and guide you every step of the way leave behind the stress and fear of the present and future and trust your guardian angels they always know what is best for you and how they can guide you to your life’s purpose your angels know how you feel what is in your mind and in your heart and they will arrange things to attract positive energies angel number 66 is telling you that they send you the encouragement and support you need to stay on the path of life enjoy this journey and let magical and unexpected things come into your life.

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