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We at Bigfuny welcome guest posts with open arms. We appreciate all the guest post requests as long as they are according to our requirements. So, if you think you can cover all the aspects that we have mentioned below, then please send us your post and we’ll handle the rest!
⇒ Guest post must be of 800 words at least
⇒ A 1500p x 1500p copyright free image is required with the text
⇒ Only 1 backlink is allowed (Shouldn’t be misleading)
⇒ Relevant headings and sub-headings must be included
⇒ The article must be unique and of high quality (No plagiarism would be entertained)
Do we share the guest posts on other platforms?
All our articles also go on our social media as well as our email list. Our social media includes:
⇒ Facebook
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⇒ Pinterest
⇒ Instagram
Note: If you still have any queries then feel free to Contact Us Article for more information Email Id: alberthuddles@gmail.com

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