The Benefits Of All-Electric Guns in Comparison To Compressed Air Glue Guns

The compressed adhesive dispensing systems dominated the glue market for the long term. The early hot melt glue gun was somewhat convenient tools that could be used for the application of adhesives. But the use of new methods like hot melt dotting and stitching help manufacturers and industries save immensely during operations, as they can reduce the glue spend by up to 50%. The new electric glue guns are a better option to apply these methods as they can place the adhesives precisely, have a very quiet operation, and also possess enhanced life. The glue guns have a more compact size and hence can be used in the difficult-to-access areas as well.

Better Performance

The profitability and efficiency of production of the packaging line can only be maintained when there is no or least downtime. Compressed air dispensing systems have a higher cost of operation and may also be less efficient. The quality of the air that the hot melt glue gun contains starts to diminish after installation. These guns are also more expensive. The inherent aspects of compressed air guns make them inaccurate for the patterns, and they do not provide good quality results that the electric glue guns do. The air that is used in the glue gun may also have debris. This debris moves to the piston pump of air solenoid and affects its life and performance adversely.

Lesser Repairs

The solenoids of the glue guns may start to display lesser efficiency and may also malfunction more often. The parts that are often more affected and require replacement include the module, nozzles, and the air activation solenoid. The solenoids are responsible for pushing air and work constantly. Soil, debris, and heat among other factors decrease the life of solenoid and also plummet its performance. On the other hand the, electric hot glue gun may not require a service even after 1 billion cycles.

Improve Air Quality

The electric adhesive dispensing systems do not suffer from contamination and therefore the quality of the product and its functioning is untampered with. The electric hot glue gun will be devoid of the dynamic seals of the valves, and will also have the built-in air filter as well along with a troubleshooting guide. Absence of solenoid also help in keeping the cost low and because of the lesser number of parts, the replacement cost is reduced.

Lesser Downtime

The diminishing of the parts of a compressed air glue gun requires repair and replacement. But there are no such diminishing parts of the system present in the all-electric glue guns. The electric glue guns will decrease your downtime and provide for higher productivity. These new guns are fast replacing the pneumatic and compressed air guns in industries including print finishing, and packaging among others because of the better quality of the product as well as the increase in the production rates.

Leading suppliers can provide to you the electric glue guns at reasonable cost and price. These glue guns possess better reliability, last long, and are a worthy choice in a range of operating conditions and scenarios across industries.