Spotify Premium APK 2020 Download [Latest Version v8.5.24.762]

Now if you are reading this then it means that you are a music lover and that is why you have come to this page. Well there are many music streaming apps available around the world but Spotify is the most used and most popular app amongst all other that are available in the market. Some of the competitors of Spotify are SoundCloud, Deezer, Slacker Radio, Pandora etc. these are competitors of Spotify around the world. Some Indian competitors of Spotify are JioSaavn, Gaana, YouTube Music, Wynk Music, Amazon Prime Music etc.

Spotify is a music streaming app that was founded by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon in Sweden. It was found on 26th April 2006. It doesn’t only stream songs and music but it also streams podcasts and other programs as well. It also has a subsidiary company known as Tencent Music. The number of employees working for Spotify is around 3,651 as in December 2018. The revenue of Spotify in 2019 was around 6.764 billion euro dollars and the net income was around 186 million euro dollars. The Alexa rank of Spotify as in January 2020 was 71. The users are asked to register when they download the Spotify App. There are around 271 million users of Spotify around the world of which 124 million are paying customers. The Spotify App was launched on 7th October 2008. But in India it was launched in 2018.

Spotify works in many other countries. And if you are a student then you get discount on the usage of Spotify Premium Account. Spotify works on both Android and iOS. The free version of Spotify allows users to listen to music online but while listening to music the advertisements might disturb you. So if you want no disturbance in between your music then you have to spend some money that is you need to take Spotify’s Premium Membership. The charges per month for premium account is around $10 per month. The cost of using Spotify Premium in India is cheaper.

If you don’t want to pay money for using Spotify Premium Account then you can simply download the Spotify Premium account by using the Spotify Premium APK, and today in this section we will learn about how to download Spotify Premium through APK and how to use it for free without paying even a single penny.

Now people also say that Spotify provides some discount when you buy its Family Membership pack where you can listen to music with 4 other family members but for it you first need to convince your family members and that is a cumbersome process. So for saving you from all this I will let you know how to download Spotify Premium Free APK.

Now if you are worrying about what can you do after downloading the Spotify Premium by Spotify Premium Free Download option then I’ll let you know the same. So as the name suggests premium means you’ll get some extra features that the normal or premium users do not get. Now before we discuss the premium features let us discuss about what is Spotify Premium APK?

So Spotify Premium APK is a portal that will allow you to access the Spotify Premium account without any charges. You can download the APK and use all the features of Spotify Premium like listening to millions of songs for free and also getting all the features without even paying a single penny. And the premium account not only helps you to listen to songs it also helps in listening to different podcasts related to Health, Fitness, Sports, Bollywood, Hollywood etc.

You can also download the Spotify Premium Android APK if you are an Android user. It can also be downloaded for iOS and you can also access Spotify through PC.  You can search the web for Free Download Spotify Premium APK and you’ll get hundreds of results for downloading the same. You can also search the web for Spotify Full Premium APK. But you have to be very aware while downloading the APK because some APK’s might disturb the working of you PC or Mobile Phone and such APK’s can be called as Hacked Spotify Premium APK.

Now I’ll let you know some interesting and unknown facts about Spotify and some of those facts are as follows:

  1. ‘Spotify Connect’ with the help of this software you can stream music across many entertainment platforms including the Android and iOS devices.
  2. You can browse or search the music with the help of artist name, album name, genre, playlist, and record label’s name also.
  3. About 30 million songs are available on Spotify.
  4. If you are a beginner and you need to earn name and fame then you can upload your songs on Spotify.
  5. As we know that Spotify has more than 20 million of songs but 20% of those have never been listened.

Now let us move on to Spotify Gratis APK, through this APK also you can use the Spotify Premium account. You can listen to millions of songs, podcasts, playlists, etc. and you can also download songs to your device and then listen to them when you are offline. Just search the web for Spotify Gratis APK on web and you can easily download it and enjoy the premium account benefits for free. You can also download the Gratis APK for PC, you just need to search for Spotify Premium Gratis PC. You can also search the web for Spotify Premium APK Download Free and from here you can easily download the Spotify Premium and can enjoy the benefits for free.

Now while downloading the APK you should always remember that the latest version of the APK should be downloaded because the older versions might not be good or it might have some bugs in it. So its better to download the latest version. And for downloading the latest version you can search for Latest Spotify Premium Mod APKon the web so that the latest APK will be downloaded on your device.

You might be wondering about other features of Spotify Premium Account, so let me tell you there are many features of the Spotify Premium account that the premium users don’t get. One of it is the download on Spotify Mod, here you can download the songs for free and then can listen to those songs later without buffering. If you want to download Spotify Premium for PC then you should remember to search for Spotify Mod for PC. It will help you in getting the latest version of Spotify Premium Account for your PC.

Now we will learn how to download Spotify Premium APK. You just need to follow these steps to download Spotify Premium APK:

  1. Go to web and search for Spotify Premium Mod APK.
  2. Click on the first link that appears.
  3. Download the app and install it.
  4. After installing open the app.

And you have successfully downloaded the Spotify Premium APK. You can also try searching for the web with other options like Spotify APK Mod or Spotify APK Download etc.

Now we will discuss about what features can be enjoyed after downloading the Spotify Premium APK. The features that can be enjoyed after downloading the Spotify Premium APK are as follows:

Listening to Unlimited Tracks

If you download the Spotify Premium APK then you can listen to unlimited songs, podcasts, playlists, albums, etc. You can also download these all and then can listen them when you are offline.

Listening to Songs in Best Quality

When you download the Spotify Premium APK then you can listen to your favorite songs in the best quality available. You can listen to songs at 320 kbps bit rate which provides the best sound quality.

Listen While You are on Call

So this feature is really helpful if you are always busy on a phone call. This feature lets you enjoy your music without interruption even if you get a call your music won’t stop.

No Ads Interruption

If you are listening to your favorite song and suddenly an ad starts playing then it is so irritating, because as soon as the ad starts the song pauses and this might irritate you. So to clear this interruption you can simply download the Spotify Premium APK to listen to uninterrupted music.

Unlimited Downloads

So if you feel that you should be able to listen to your favorite playlist anywhere in the world no matter the network is available or not then this feature is going to help you out. You can download your favorite song or entire playlist and then can listen to it without network connectivity.

We have discussed only about 5 features of Spotify Premium but there are many other features like you can apply different skins and themes, you can also view lyrics of your favorite and can sing along with your song.

Now if you are wondering about how to download Spotify Premium to your iOS devices then it so simple. Downloading Spotify Premium to your iOS devices is as simple as ABC. Now if you want to download Spotify Premium on your Apple mac book then you need to search Spotify Premium Free on Mac, from here you can easily download the Spotify Premium to your Mac Book.

Now if you want to download Spotify Premium to your I Phone then you just need to search Spotify Premium download for I Phone. From here you can simply and easily download the Spotify Premium on your I Phone.

If you don’t want to download the Spotify Premium and you just want to enjoy premium membership then you can simply search for Download Spotify on the web. From here you can easily download the free version of Spotify and enjoy your premium membership. You can also download the Spotify ++ APK from the web for free. In this you can enjoy the Spotify Premium Account benefits as well as other benefits that too without paying any amount to anyone.

How to Install Spotify Premium APK?

So you have downloaded the Spotify APK but you need to install and you don’t know how to do that well that is very easy and simple just follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the downloaded file.

2. Now click on install.

3. Allow your device to grant permission to 3rd party apps to install.

4. Now once its installed click on Open if you want to open it or you can simply click on Done.

In this way you can easily install the downloaded APK of Spotify Premium.

Is Spotify Premium APK Safe?

Now some people are always in the doubt that downloading an unknown APK file may result in the hacking of there device. But don’t worry the APK file provided above is 100% safe and secure. You don’t need to worry about all this if you download the APK from our website.

Can You Be Banned By Spotify?

Now people often ask that using the Spotify Premium for free using the Spotify Premium APK you can be banned by Spotify. And there is no doubt in this, if you login to Spotify and turn on the ad blocker the Spotify may ban you.

Is Spotify Premium Free On PC? 

Well the APK link that we have provided above is absolutely free to be downloaded on iOS, Android and PC as well. So yes the Spotify Premium is free on PC as well.


Well the conclusion that we can draw through this is that Spotify is the number one music streaming app around the world. And to enjoy Spotify Premium you don’t need to spend even a single penny. You can just download the Spotify Premium APK with the link provided above. But you also need to keep in mind that many duplicate APK’s are also available on the internet but you should only download the APK from the link that we have provided because the link that is provided is safe and secure.

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