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Facebook can rightly be called the most popular social networking site with millions of users across the blog using it to exchange and share view and ideas with their family, friends and colleagues. Owing to its huge user base, Facebook is accessed with various web browsers including IE8 or Internet Explorer 8. However, people who use this platform on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 can come across certain issues when they use it with IE8, such as the pages may be misaligned or they might not be working at all. While help may be available at the Facebook 24/7 customer service Number, users can resolve these common issues on own too.

Here are some tips and tricks for troubleshooting some common Facebook and IE8 issues:

Login Issues

The users of IE8 are not kept logged in By Facebook and they have to login again when need to browse the site. This means that the users would be asked to sign in repeatedly even after opting for “Keep Me Logged In”. To resolve this issue, you will need to troubleshoot the login cookies. For this, you have to turn off the In Private Browsing mode and then click on “Tools” followed by “Internet Options”. Then you will have to deselect the option of “Delete Browsing History on Exit” under the General tab.

Connectivity Issue

Sometimes the page may hang when the user tries to log in to Facebook, while other users may experience blank pages and others might get a message saying “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”. You need to check the connectivity by trying to visit another website. In case you are able to access them, you need to try and reset the browser to default settings. On the other hand, a persistent problem indicates that there is a compatibility issue with the browser.

Cannot Delete Posts or Like

Another common issue which IE8 users face with Facebook is that they are unable to delete or like the posts. The delete option can be located by clicking on the X which lies on the right side of the post, but this seems to be disabled in the browser. Similarly, the like option for the posts is disabled in IE8. This may happen because some of the websites are not displayed properly in IE8. When something like this happens, a Compatibility View button is seen in Windows 7 and it looks like a broken page on the address bar.      

Facebook is not optimized for this particular browser and this is the reason why users need to use the Compatibility View settings, so that the pages are displayed as they were ion the older versions of the browser. As you access Facebook, start by clicking on Tools, followed by clicking on Compatibility View Settings. A window saying “Add this website” will pop up and it will have Facebook inside it. Next you have to click on Add button. In case the Facebook problems are not resolved using Compatibility View, the Internet Explorer needs to be updated. In case the users cannot get solution to their problems using these steps, calling Facebook Account Recovery phone number is the next option for them. In case this number is not reachable, users can get instant support at one of the alternative numbers provided by the online directories such as

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