Samurai Tattoos

Stunningly Samurai Tattoos And Ideas For Men And Women That Are Worth The Pain.

Best samurai tattoos and ideas for men and women.

Samurai are the highly class and well-disciplined warriors in Japan whose role is to protect their people, their culture and region. They are fully trained martial art. They are extremely human beings with higher fighting skills. When you hear word samurai, The first things comes to mind is sword.
Samurai tattoos and meaning:

Samurai tattoos are very common in japan. Due to rich history and culture value of the samurai tattoos are very high. They are very well detailed, with colors and little things with good shape. Japanese tattoos are big tattoos and mostly placed on shoulder, full back, chest and legs in large size with beautiful color. There are many designs comes with samurai tattoos like fish, octopus, dragons tiger and flowers. The best thing about samurai tattoos is that warrior’s armor and sword. And some of the design have cool helmets they wear and horses they use to ride.

1. Full back samurai mask tattoo Designs

2. Samurai Tattoo irezumi done by Horimatsu

3. Thigh samurai tattoo with sun and Fuji mountain

4. Samurai killing a snake tattoo Designs

5. Geisha kissing a samurai tattoo Designs

6. Giant Koi and Samurai Tattoo designs ideas

7. Samurai tattoo designs on head

8. Red faced samurai tattoo designs

9. Masked samurai, temple and sakura tattoos

10. Kabuto leg tattoo designs

11. Samurai ghost tattoo designs

12. Full sleeve samurai tattoo designs

13. Realistic Samurai, Hannya and Buddha tattoos.

14. Samurai tattoo with a mask

15. Samurai with a fan tattoo designs

16. Full back samurai tattoo with flowers

17. Samurai with a flag and red sun

18. Blue samurai mask tattoo designs

19. A group of samurais/warriors tattoo

20. Old fashioned samurai full back tattoo

21. Samurai tattoo defending a woman

22. Black and Grey tattoo of a samurai and dragon

23. Samurai tattoo designs in the fall

24. Full back samurai tattoo designs

25. Full leg samurai tattoo designs

26. Full back Samurai tattoo with amazing details

27. Samurai with clouds and waves tattoo

28. Samurai mask hand tattoo designs

29. Samurai tattoo with skull armor.

30. Simple vintage and traditional samurai tattoo design


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