Muslim A Special Valentine’s Day in Saudi Arabia

The Valentine month, February, is here to spill the beans of love for you. It is the time to reschedule your Saudi trip to have a decent celebration with your Valentine. Because the once ultra-conservative Kingdom of Saudi Arabia overwhelmingly welcomes you with open arms to get a fun-filled and contented time for your fantabulous Halal holidays.

Shocked? Yes, it’s true because Love is in the air of Middle East now. Before 2018, the Valentine’s Day was a derogatory term badly thrusted in the dark. It was called loathsome in Saudi track and viewed as utterly un-Islamic. But now it has been endorsed as a Positive Event by the Saudi clerics.

However, be mindful that, this Day is not left without daunting controversies that you must understand. On hearing about this day, you must know the pros and cons with its background. Afterward, I will tell you how you can celebrate it with zeal and zest.

What is Valentine’s Day

It is the day of love world widely celebrated on 14th February with amusing celebrations and scintillating gifts. On this Day the opposite genders express or confess their mutual feelings of respect for each other. They vow to spend their whole lives together.

Ways of Celebrations  

You would see different people celebrating it differently with different views and different intentions. Many couples extend this single day celebrations for a week ahead.

Controversies related to Valentine’s Day

I would like to share the obvious controversies associated with this day. The mostly argued topic about it is whether it is Halal or Haram in Islam. Because in Western world, the boys and girls are seen illegitimately involved in this Valentine’s day celebrations. So, against the Islamic approach, the Western world promotes liberalism leading to immodesty.

In Islam, if a boy expresses his love for his beloved without getting her into “Nikah” (An Islamic manner of Marriage) then it is strictly prohibited or Haram.

A Postmodern Saudi Approach on Valentine’s Day

The Valentine’s Day is an amiable day of expressing love and affection to your spouse or life partner. No religion denies the sprawling of mutual love and friendship at all. As per Islam, this very word means Peace which is the foundation of this reverential Mohammadan ideology.

Moreover, A Muslim is rewarded on his/her intentions. Anything pertain to purity of intention is allowed in Islam within decent code of conduct.

Furthermore, Islam promotes the significance of love and affection between the Nikahfied couples and even directs them to express their love for each other.

While advocating the wave of Moderate Islam instead of ultra-conservatism, the Ex-Minister of Religious Saudi Police openly declared the long forbidden Valentine celebration as non-prohibited.

The Saudi Minister further clarified that, Valentine’s Day must be celebrated as a peace-making day. He views that the Saudis deal with many social matters, that are of interest to Non-Muslim communities. He pleasingly says that Islam even supports greeting your non-Muslim fellas open heartedly without being indulged into any disallowed activity.

Saudi Arrangement on Valentine’s Day

Last year 2019 was followed by a perky Valentine move in Saudi Arabia. This Islamic territory was observed with several flower shops, restaurants, beauty salons and gourmet food brands. There was a rosy spirit everywhere without any traces of fear and anxiety. The Saudi dwellers amused themselves with the following scintillating Valentine Special products

Heart-Shaped Chocolates

The heart is the obvious Valentine’s Day symbol. The Saudi Shops are brimmed with sweetie sweets, delectable chocolatiest hearts and red flower bouquets.

Lingerie Brands’ Valentine’s Campaign

The lingerie brands flaunted the Valentine’s festivities with utmost zeal and zest. Last year Nayomi a Saudi lingerie brand founded in 1992, launched a special campaign named as #CelebrateRomanceWithNayomi on Valentine’s Day.

The Romantic Spots of Saudi Urban or Cosmopolitan City

The Saudi cosmopolitan cities of Riyadh and Jeddah released a list of the romantic spots for the married couple a few days before the Valentine’s day.

Like the previous year’s Valentine’s festivities, this 2020 Valentine’s Day would undoubtedly be followed by various festivities and perks. Landing feet on this Islamic territory would bring new joys and lovely emotions

So the couples who are Halal for each other must celebrate this day with red roses and gifts. This day enables you to spend some quality time with your loving spouse out of your busy routine.

Islamic ways of Valentine’s Day Celebration

Feel no shame to express your love to your Nikah-fied Valentine partner on this day. However, during your Saudi stay you can’t practice the liberal love-making activities like Kissing or Hugging in public. And the women are not allowed in Hijab-free attire as well.

  • So there are some Muslim Friendly Valentine’s Day tips to enjoy with your wife/husband.
  • Greet your spouse in private. But if in public, then give him/her a Valentine Card. A handwritten card is the best choice to boast of your love to your partner.
  • You can buy an attractive book to take down the memorable memories you had with your spouse. On Valentine’s Day, you can present that book of sweet memories to him/her to bring smile on his/her face.
  • Present him/her the bouquet with flowers he likes the most.
  • The husbands who are good at cooking can surprise their wives with their favorite dishes.
  • Take your wife on romantic dinner or lunch at her favorite restaurant to bring smile on her face.
  • Chocolate packed with flower wrapping wouldn’t be bad idea.
  • If you can’t go outside then, take a day off to spend with your spouse at home.
  • A Gift of your Family photo to your spouse, would also be a lovely present for your spouse.

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