Morocco Tourism and Cafe Culture

Café culture is the most famous term in the modern world as well as the old times. I travelled to the world’s most of the countries and discovered their café culture because it is the only romance of my life I observe. Morocco tourism is famous for its café culture. People from around the world visit Morocco to explore its café culture. What I listened to my friends was exactly the same what I saw there in Morocco. To discover the café culture in deeper, you need to know about what the holiday destination offers you.

Café opportunities in Morocco

What Morocco offers you is an authentic café culture in the major Matropolitan cities. But No, Tangier, Casablanca, and Fez are not so famous of their Urban sense, but they had been very famous among the writers, students, politicians and the other creative people. I started exploring this culture from Tangier, the more stressed city in regard to the café opportunities.

Tangier is a first love for Café lovers

Tangier has been so famous among students, thinkers and writers to get, sit and taking the sips of every type of coffee you need. Most people come there to take the sips of mint tea which is a traditional beverage of Morocco. For me, and by my experience, for you the very first options would be Café de Paris and café Hafa. The second option means a Café Hafa, is a very romantic and a perfect place for the thinkers, writers, and travelers who like to get enthralled by the very soothing environment of the café just right overlooking the sea.

To mention Tangier on the very first was important because I experienced the places with the knowledge of their history. Great writers like Paul Bowles, William Burroughs visited the place and praised Tangier in their writings. Café Baba is another option for you in Tangier you can get your moments in Morocco refreshed with. It is a very nice place with the freedom of consuming Cannabis if you want, it is banned and illegal in Morocco though.

Casablanca offers you the best opportunities in town

If you are in Casablanca, know that the town has a centuries-long café culture. This city was under French rule, so rich of many architectural and cultural remains. It has very famous cafes in town to offer you the best tea, coffee, mint tea opportunities and an option to provide you a very friendly, healthy environment to write anything in your mind. Brasserie Le Cigale Coffee and Bar can be your place to sit in Casablanca. If you have journalist, writer friends in Morocco, it would be a plus point for you because they might have known the local cafes and their scope there.

Café de France is also in Casablanca so it is up to you if you want to take the second sip from the same brand or not. Les Fleurs is a café can be your option in Casablanca. This café was experienced by me and for me, the environment really matters. I really enjoyed being there. The most eminent thing with the Les is that there is an open terrace where you can sit and enjoy the fresh air in Morocco gossiping with your friends and family alongwith the tea, coffe and bakery items. For travelers like me, it is really an effective place to get into.

Fes is ready to take you down in history

In real-time, Morocco is literally a historical wonder on earth. As a traveler, you really should visit the place and sit in the cafes of the town to take the authentic sense of North African country Morocco. Café Bab Boujloud is located in Medina of Fes. It is to remember, more traditionally, cafes in Morocco locates in Medinas of the major famous cities. So the mentioned café is located on the entrance of Medina in Fes. You can have everything in this café including a great breakfast, or lunch. Café Bab will offer you African dishes with traditional Moroccan dishes and the Asian ones. Get into the café to take the touch of the most ancient city’s spice.

Essaouira adds more to your past experience

I sat in the Patisserie De Driss café in the town and enjoyed the sips of coffee. I remember the chair I sat on the terrace and was writing my travel experiences looking over the sea. It was an overwhelming experience of mine you can also take to get to Morocco, a great holiday destination you should visit.

Marrakech offers you more authentic café experiences

When in Marrakech, a very famous city in Morocco, you will be heading to the Café Les Negociants. It is famous among the travel writers and the local writers, thinkers, and students. It was a stunning experience sitting there and have gossip with the local friends. Grand Café de La Poste and Café France are also the options to get an option to spend some more positive time. It is your turn to write to me about your experiences about sitting in the cafes on your trip. Have a nice journey!

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