Integration of ERPLY with Shopify

ERPLY is an enterprise software company that provides point-of-sale and inventory management services. The company was founded in 2009 in Estonia by Kristjan Hiiemaa. It provides retail payment solutions to small and medium sized businesses. ERPLY offers its services in 2 categories that is free and paid. The average cost of taking ERPLY paid subscription is $74 monthly.

ERPLY also provided payment solutions through hand-held devices like iPads. When you take ERPLY services then you don’t need to worry about your payment data because everything is safe and secure with ERPLY. All the transactions are only between ERPLY and the business owner. Because it is a cloud-based software so it can be used from anywhere in the world.

Shopify is also another Canadian company that provides e-commerce and retail point-of-sale solutions to small and medium sized business merchants. By the help of Shopify, you can build up an e-commerce website for your business and then you can earn huge amount of profits. Shopify also integrates with other businesses and payment applications.

ERPLY Integration with Shopify is very famous. You can integrate both these services and can use them together to boost up your business and give a new direction to your business.

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