I Love You Quotes

#1. My love, I know times are rough, but we will make it through. Tough times are no match for our love. I love you.

#2. Sweetheart, you told me once that you would gather all the stars in the night sky for me. I believed you. But you can stop gathering the stars. I have the one I need. I only need you. You are my star. I love you.

#3. You have shown me the beauty of love. Your selflessness, kindness, and patience have given me hope that we will survive. I love you, dear.

#4. You have given me so much and asked for nothing. You are my star and my love. I love you, sweetheart.

#5. What can I say to the person who does so much for me yet never says a word about it? Who is better than me yet is so humble. The only words I have are, ‘I love you’.

#6. What can I give to the person who has borne all my troubles with grace; who believes everything I tell them; who has hope for us and endures all that comes our way without complaining. I can give you all my love for you deserve it. I love you.

#7. When I am with you, I am the richest person in the world. I love you, sweetheart.

#8. The greatest thing about our relationship is that our love for each other will never end. I love you, dear.

#9. All my love to the person who is kind, honest, patient, longsuffering and humble. I love you, sweetheart.

#10. I love you, sweetheart. You have shown me what love truly is and I am a better person for it.

#11. If it wasn’t for you coming into my life, I would never know what true love is. Thank you, love, you are the best. I love you.

#12. You may not know it dear, but you are my rock. I love you.

#13. Every day, no matter how I treat you, you show me what true love is. You inspire me to achieve great things. I love you.

#14. Your love for me motivates me to face everything that comes my way. You make me a better person, I love you.

#15. Just being with you makes me want to be better. I love you.

#16. No matter what I have done your love for me has never failed. Thank you for being there for me. I love you.

#17. You have always been there when I needed a shoulder to cry on. I love you for that kindness.

#18. The beauty of the stars in the night sky pales in comparison to the love you have shown me all these years, I love you.

#19. The universe is not big enough to hold all the love I feel for you. I love you, sweetheart.

#20. My love for you goes deeper than the oceans, higher than the mountains and longer than the continents. In other words, I cannot describe how much I love you.

#21. They say I look at you with puppy dog eyes. That is because my love for you is like a dog’s love for its master- unconditional. I love you, honey.

#22. I have something in common with dogs. I love you unconditionally my sweetu.

#23. Those three little words, ‘I Love You’, do not do my love for you justices. But they are the only words I have to use. I love you, darling.

#25. Each season only lasts three months. My love for you lasts forever. I love.

#26. My love, a year lasts but 12 months and then it needs renewing. My love for you lasts forever and never needs renewing. I love you.

#27Why wait for valentine’s day to express my love. My love for you lasts more than a day and does not need a special occasion to demonstrate it. I love you with all my heart.

#28. Your love for me makes every day seem like valentine’s day. I love you because your love knows no boundaries.

#28. Who needs cupid when I have you. I love you because your love does not exist on just one day of the year.

#29. Dogs bark because they want to be with their masters. I bark because I want to share each moment of the day with you. I love you.

#30. People place gates in their fences, to only let their friends in. The gate to my heart is always open to you. I love you

#31. Love is not for the weak and fearful. I love you because you have shown me your strength every day we have been together.

#32. It takes strength to be in love. You have to give up so much to be with just one person. I have that strength and am willing to give up everything else just to be with you. I love you.

#33. My love for you is so great that I will stay with you until the end of time. I love you.

#34. Love is made to last forever. Here is my promise to you. I will love you even when forever ends.

#35. You are wrong when you say I do not love you. Cupid’s arrow did not miss its target. I am just to shy and afraid to utter those three words. But I will say them now- ‘I love you”.

#36. I may not say ‘I love you’ very often, but I am in awe of your beauty, overwhelmed by your grace, and humbled by your love for me. I love you, my love.

#37. You are always in my thoughts and you are everywhere I go. I must be in love.

#38. When my eyes look upon your beauty, the only words that cross my mind are ‘I love you’.

#39. I am never at a loss for words until my eyes glance upon your beauty. When I do I cannot think of anything to say. My thoughts flee because your beauty overwhelms me. I love you.

#40. The moment you came into the room everything else disappeared. I must be in love for all I see is you. I love you sweetheart.

#41. The moment I met you, everyone else ceased to exist and all I wanted was to be with you forever. I love you.

#42. You make me feel alive. I love you, sweetheart.

#43. What loves means to me can be summed up in two words: together forever. I love you.

#44. In business they say to use the K.I.S.S principle. So, I will keep it simple. I love you.

#45. One of the best things about love is its short memory. I love you because you forget my transgressions.

#46. They say that love is a two-way street, but I do not believe that. You have given me love even when I have failed to return it to you. I will do that now. I love you with all my heart, sweetheart.

#47. The unique thing about love is that it gives what it has and does not demand anything in return. I love you because you have given me so much without expecting anything back from me.

#48. Love never returns evil for evil. It always finds the high road and responds in the best way. I love you because you have always taken the high road when I have failed you.

#49. I do not understand why you love me, but I love you because of who you are. You are the best person in the world. I love you.

#50. If I could understand love, then I could describe how I feel about you. My love for you is beyond words, beyond description. I love you.

#51. There is nothing you can do to make me love you more. I love you just the way you are.

#52. When you love someone as I love you, words are useless. The demean the love I feel for you. This year I will say ‘I love you’ with more deeds and fewer words.

#53. Whenever I am with you I know I am home. There is no other place I can be. I love you.

#54. The words ‘you complete me’ do not accurately describe what your love does to me. I love you sweetheart.

#55. ‘honey’, ‘my love’, ‘sweetheart’, ‘sugar’, etc., are only terms of endearment. They are not love. The love I have for you cannot be captured in mere words. You are the best, my love.

#56. One of the great things about love is that it gets better and stronger every day. I love you with all my heart.

#57. I cannot say my love for you will be stronger tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes. I can say that with each new today I will love you more than any other today. My love you are the best.

#58. For me to love you, all you have to do is be yourself. I love you sweetheart.

#59. When our eyes met, my world changed. I love you for bringing so much beauty into my life.

#60. I thought my world was great when you appeared in my life and demonstrated to me how much I was missing. I love you for opening eyes to what life and love are all about.

#61. When I held your hand for the first time, it only confirmed what I already knew. You were the one for me. I love you.

#62. I didn’t realize how empty my life was until you came into my life. The only way to thank you is to love you more.

#63. I thought I had it all until I met you. Now I have nothing without you. My love, you bring meaning to my existence.

#64. Others may need a lot of people around them. But all I need is you. You fill my word with everything I need. I love you.

#65. I would be lost without you, my love. You are enough for me and satisfy every need I have. I love you.

#66. What love means to me is that I have found everything I need in you. I love you, sweetheart.

#67. What love means to me is that I can stop looking for love. I have found it in you. You are the one I love.

#68. What you have shown me is that one does not have to be perfect to be loved. I love you for showing me what love is.

#69. I thought I had too many faults to be loved. Then you entered my life and told me that love does not depend upon perfection. Love happens no matter how imperfect a person is. I love you.

#70. How much do I love you? I love you so much that I will be with you even after the last light in the universe dims.

#71. Love is not for the faint of heart. It takes courage to love someone unconditionally.

#72. You have to be brave to love someone more than you love yourself. My love, you have shown your bravado when you decided to love me. I love you.

#73. Love takes courage because you have to endure the bad along with the good. The weak never find true love because they leave when the bad comes.

#74. My love, I will always love you.

#75. You know you have found true love when you hurt. True love is not free from pain. Love is never easy. Only those with courage reach true love.


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