How to Fix Facebook Games Crashing Issues on Your PC

This is one of the common issues arising in many computer systems. Sometimes, people think that their PCs are having virus or spyware infection that is preventing them from playing games online. It could be true, because many times some unknown virus may generate issues just like as game crashing and the players observe that such issues occur due to the internal windows settings and software installed on your computer system.

For playing multimedia content smoothly over the internet is one of the important application is Shockwave Flash. It helps you to run different games in Facebook. You should boost up your Windows to prevent the frequent games crashing in Facebook. If in case, you are having less tech information and unable to resolve the problems, then you can contact Facebook customer service number to get assistance from experts.

However, if you want to still try to tackle issues yourself, then below simple steps help you to stop game crashing problem on Facebook.

Repair Flash, Registry and ActiveX Errors

Firstly you need to scan registry that is database placed in OS hard disk and used to store highly confidential and software related information, which is much needed to work a program properly. If in case, it is corrupted or damaged, you should recommend registry cleaner and system optimizer tool to fix and scan flash and ActiveX issues. If you are having issues in this specific part, then you will not be able to play games efficiently.

Confirm Flash Player Compatibility

In most circumstances, incompatible Flash player can create issues like Facebook games crashing. You should verify the Shockwave Flash Player version is compatible with OS and browsers. The best thing to fix such error is remove the flash completely.

To do that process some steps:-

  1. Visit the Start button.
  2. Click on the Control Panel.
  3. Click on Add or Remove Programs double times.
  4. Choose Flash Player.
  5. Uninstall it from your system.

After that, download new version of flash player from website and try to reinstall it on your PC.

Damaged drivers

Sometimes, missing or corrupted sound drivers can be the reason of such problems in the computer. To fix it, you should update the sound card drivers via the device manager.

  1. Right Click on system using mouse.
  2. Choose Properties and Hardware.
  3. Go to the Device Manager.
  4. Choose the device.
  5. Update and reinstall Driver.
  6. Exit.

Still, if you are having issues, then you should consult expert by calling at Facebook 24/7 Customer service Number to resolve the errors quickly. If in case, the dialed number is not responding, then it is best to avail directories over the web as, to search alternate contact number of customer support and get bets possible help from them.

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