How to Avert Privacy Breach While Using Communication Technology?

Not a day in fact even a single moment is beyond imagination without the communication technology in this modern world. After all, it connects us to the world. Whether a neighbor or a friend sitting on the other end of the planet, you can connect to anyone.

Our morning starts with taking a glance at our mobile and ends in the more or less same manner. In between, we use tech to connect and communicate in many other forms and through various devices.

The most commonly used devices are –

  • Smartphones
  • Bluetooth devices
  • Network card
  • Laptops
  • Virtual assistants such as Alexa
  • Tablets

The list can be long and in fact, endless in the coming years.

The primary thing that needs to be considered here is, are we paying due attention to the privacy concerns? As we want to know about the new devices, do we invest even one-fourth of our heed on the security measures? Perhaps, no. But this attitude is a massive threat to our privacy. Like it or not, at the end of the day, it is a prime concern and should get the right treatment at the right time.

Here are some preventive measures to avoid that third eye from intruding in your details.

Wiping technology

This is a miraculous invention of technology.  It keeps your information as well as the devices safe and away from the tricky people. Wiping technology removes the data from your device after regular intervals. The best part is, you can program it to act on a particular type of data.

Your laptop, desktop, tablet, mobile, any device through which you access varied locations on the internet should get this. Knowingly, unknowingly we provide many types of details that can be used against us. They remain stored on our devices and in case we lose them, taking out that specific information becomes a child’s play.

The day you buy a new mobile, Bluetooth, etc. take action on this part as the delay is always deadly for privacy.

Sometimes our careless attitude towards things becomes the actual reason for a bad experience. We are aware of all the threats around us when it comes to communication technology. Still, if we do not pay heed, it is ultimately our fault.

Automate the security systems

Automation is the lifeline of technology today. Why not use it for your safety? Automating your system like desktop, laptop, mobile etc. can remove a vast percentage of security concerns.

It keeps an eye on the following aspects –

  • Server and firewall configuration
  • Password settings
  • Immediate notifications on any activity like password change.

It is a small step but brings a big difference and ensures a better experience while interacting with technology. A smart security back-up can be a significant saviour.  

Check the authenticity of the apps

Whatever app you use, make sure it is authentic and not a copied/fake one to look like the real app. It is especially applicable in the case of finance apps as that can snatch your hard-earned money from you.

The financial services have become so convenient and accessible due to mobile-friendly online reach. Even a bad credit scorer can get instant funds through the choices like the text loans offered by the direct lenders for bad credit people. But every piece of information you provide is precious.

Whatever information you provide while using an app can be used to breach your privacy. The masterminds of cybercrime sitting out there can easily access the information. If the app belongs to a safe source, the chances of such issues are less and in fact, null.

Once again, the precaution is applicable in case of all kinds of apps, but finance apps are more prone to the threats. Whether you apply for unsecured loans or a credit card, make sure you have worked well on the prevention part.

Use cloud servers to store the data

As you know, as we all know, the cloud server is quite uncompromised on the security part. From an individual to multinational companies, they all use it to store critical information and data. You should also follow this culture and ensure a better shield to your confidential details.

The precise reasons behind suggesting this are –

  • Cloud servers are offsite with a very high level of security
  1. Its services are encrypted
  1. It is handled by a team of experts that can identify any suspicious activity

The other thing that makes its use safer is the availability of software solutions. Through that, you can allow access to only reliable people.

The precise purpose is….

Do not take things for granted. Sometimes the first mistake on the part of privacy happens due to our ignorance about the possible issues. Keep yourself aware and informed about the threats as well as prevention because ‘prevention is always better than cure’.

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