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Blogger may submit any number of original, exclusive articles and non-exclusive digital images for publication on the Bigfuny. In order to maintain an active status as guest blogger, we suggest that you submit at least post. Bigfuny reserves the right to reject any original article for any reason.


We will not accept posts that cover basic-level information found all over the web. We will not accept posts that lack focus, have loose sentence structure or that do not have a clear call to action. We will not accept poorly written posts that contain bad grammar or punctuation errors.


Be creative. There are plenty of posts on how to build a Face book page or how to create a cover photo. Think about how you can present those topics in a new and unique way. Are there social media tips, tools or tactics that you have applied to improve your online marketing? Share your results and challenge our audience to implement this new strategy.

We love to link back to relevant posts on Please add one or two links within your article and content 400 Minimum words. Feel free to add external links as long as they substantiate your writing or provide additional value to the reader. We do not accept Affiliate links and will be removed.

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