Elephant Tattoos Designs ideas For Men and Women With Meanings

1.Small Elephant tattoo on wrist designs for girls. This is baby elephant with trunk up.

2. Small Elephant tattoo designs for girls who want tattoos on finger.

3. Elephant playing music tattoo designs are cute. This tattoo can be done on your neck also.

4. Elephant tattoo on neck ideas for men. Placement of any tattoo is very important.

5.Decorated Elephant tattoo designs for you if you want to have tattoo on thigh. This colorful tattoo looking very beautiful.

6. Cute Elephant tattoo on hand and finger. These tattoo designs are very innovative in tattoo art. This is looking very awesome.

7. Elephant with trunk up tattoo designs. Upper back is one of the best place to get elephant tattoo.

8. Elephant head tattoo designs for shoulder. This Asian elephant tattoo is perfect for the shoulder.

9. Small Elephant family link tattoo designs for under arm. This line tattoo design is looking very cute .

10. Elephant making heart with their trunk up. This thigh tattoo design is very feminine.

11.Polynesian Elephant tattoo with trunk up. You can also get this tattoo done with henna. This elephant tattoo can be inked on neck.

12. Polynesian Elephant tattoo ideas for girls.

13. Elephant with colorful butterfly tattoo design for the back. This is one of the best tattoo design for you if you want tattoo on back.

14. Elephant head and octopus tattoo design ideas for forearm. Octopus tattoo designs are very innovative ideas in ink art.

15. Unique Elephant tattoo design it seems like an African elephant.

16. Feminine Elephant tattoo with flowers on upper back and shoulder. Flower and Elephant tattoos are looking very cute, this tattoo design will cover up your full shoulder.

17. Outline of Elephant tattoo on chest. This drawing here giving an awesome look on girl.

18. Polynesian Elephant tattoo designs for girls for upper back. You can also get this tattoo behind your back of your neck.

19.Small and very cute Elephant with heart/ This tattoo design is best for the lovers.

20. Outline of Elephant tattoo on inner wrist. These small outline tattoos are very famous ideas for girls.

21. Elephant head and butterfly tattoo on shoulder looking very cute.

22.Small and cute Elephant with trunk down tattoo on inner arm. You can also get these kind of tattoos with quotes.

23. Black color small Elephants on ankle or foot tattoo designs are very cool ideas for guys. This is very simple tattoo design.

24. Polynesian and tribal art mix up small Elephant tattoo design for the lower back. This tattoo design is also available in white ink.

25. Polynesian Elephant with trunk up tattoo designs for girls who want tattoos on upper back.

26. African Elephant with angel wings is one of the greatest tattoo design ever.Hindu used to worshiped of elephants at various occasions.

27. Small and simple to ink baby Elephant tattoo design on finger. You can get this tattoo behind your ear.

28. Black color Polynesian Elephant tattoo design on upper back. Pink elephant tattoo is very famous design for girls.

29. Elephant with link tattoo designs for inner arm. This tattoo cover up half of your hand.

30. Elephant head with trunk up and flower tattoos under arm designs are very famous ideas for girls.

31. Cute Elephant baby tattoo designs for ribs. Rib cage is also another good placement for elephant tattoos.

32. Lord Ganesha Elephant tattoo on shoulder. Ganesha is God in Hindu religion.

33. Elephant with Om tattoo designs on thighs are very famous. You can also get elephant tattoo on knee.

34. Decorated small Elephant tattoo designs on leg. If you have long legs then you can also get large size of elephant tattoo.

35. Small Elephant tattoos on ankle looking very cute.

36. Elephant trunk and foot with three heads tattoo designs for shoulder.

37. Elephant holding tattoo machine design is best idea for an artist to have this tattoo.

38.Elephant family making a link and walking in a line tattoo design for ribs.

39. Maori and Polynesian mix Elephant tattoo with long legs designs for forearm.

40. Small Elephant tattoo designs for ankle.

41. Elephant with outline on back of your neck tattoo designs for girls.

42. Baby Elephant tattoo designs on ankle are very famous. This little elephant baby is looking cute. There are many tattoo designs which are widely available in cartoon versions.

43. Lord Ganesha tattoo on hand. Elephants are symbolism of Ganesh.

44. Elephant head with sun tattoo designs for foot. You can make this tattoo with henna also.

45. Very cute baby Elephant cartoon tattoo design on chest. You can also get this tattoo on your sleeve.

46. Elephant head with infinity and quote tattoo designs for girls.

47. Elephant with trunk up tattoo designs at back of neck.

48. Very cute small Elephant baby tattoo design on ankle. You can also make a drawing of this by outline this tattoo.

49. Elephant baby tattoo design on chest ideas for girls.

50. Watercolor colorful Elephant tattoo on rib cage. These designs are very famous and best for you if you want an innovative tattoo art on your skin.

51. African Elephant tattoo design in Polynesian and Maori art.

52. Elephant head tattoo design on leg. Earlier elephant used in circus for the entertainment purpose.

53.Elephant tattoo design on thigh. This elephant has ear like butterfly. This seems as Asian Elephant.

54. Elephant with wings and big ears tattoo ideas for the back. This tattoo cover up half of your upper back.

55. Small Elephant tattoo designs are very famous and these are mostly inked at lower back or close to belly point.

56. Octopus Elephant tattoo design on chest. Elephant with octopus effect is very famous idea.

57. Inner wrist small Elephant tattoo designs are very famous for the girls.

58. Polynesian Elephant tattoo looking cute.

59. Watercolor Elephant tattoo on upper back designs for women.

60. Small Elephant tattoo behind ear designs for girls.

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