Compass Tattoo for Women

Compass tattoos, also called as nautical tattoos are one of the most important things in marine world. Compass is used to find out the way in the sea. Compass tattoo designs are available in many other styles like compass and anchor, compass rose tattoo, compass rose anchor, nautical star compass and many more.

1. Compass with blue leaves tattoo design on back for Women

2. Compass tattoo design on forearm for girls and ladies.

3. Compass on rose tattoo design on back shoulder for ladies.

4. Watercolor compass tattoo on thigh for ladies.

5. Compass with flowers tattoo ideas for girls and women on back shoulder.

6. Compass tattoo design on forearm for girls and women.

7. Black star compass tattoo design for ladies on back.

8. Black and grey compass tattoo design on wrist for Girls.

9. Map compass tattoo design on shoulder for women. This 3D compass and map is done

10. Watercolor vintage compass design on shoulder back for girls.

11. Compass tattoo design for girls on shoulder. This intense solid black compass with directions looks like a stamp on the wearer’s arm.

12. Star compass tattoo design on shoulder for ladies.


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