How to Choose Best Paper For Copic Marker?

For Copic markers, it is essential to use the right paper; If we do not use the right paper, we cannot use the Copic markers very well. In today’s article, we will tell you how to choose the best paper for Copic marker, but if you want to read a full review about Copic markers then, you must check 5productreviews. Here we will tell a few types and features of paper that you must consider before buying any paper.

Copic markers are professional-quality art markers that dry quickly, have a double point, and are non-toxic. They come in 310 colors, are refillable, fit in special airbrush systems, and have replaceable pens. World-class artists and designers can artistically use these markers in many ways. The type of paper to use is usually a matter of preference; different types will produce different results.

Marker paper

Some types of paper are made specifically for markers. These are usually thin and smooth, with a layer that prevents ink from dripping onto the other side of the paper. This layer means there will be very little absorption, so marker paper uses less ink and needs fewer strokes than absorbent paper such as cardstock. As a result, trying to use many layers of colors will generally not work well.

Glossy paper and vellum

Although glossy paper and vellum are different products, they share some similarities. They are both very soft and non-absorbent. This lack of absorption means you will use less ink, and in many cases, this will result in lighter colors. It is more difficult to mix colors on these types of paper. When working with the glossy paper, you will find that it is extremely difficult to change something that you have already written. You don’t have to worry about “blurring” (ink spreading on paper) as the lines will be very sharp. Because vellum paper is transparent, you can mix colors using one color on one side of the paper and a different color on the opposite side. Visit – Best information Today


Card stock is somewhat more versatile than other types of paper. It is absorbent and, the thicker the paper, the more absorbent it will be, and you will see a greater blur in your artistic work. Copic marker board is usually thin and soft with tight fibers. Use this type of paper to mix and coat colors and to apply advanced coloring techniques. Copic markers will squirt through the back of most cards, which could be bad or good, depending on your preferences.

Textured or grain paper

The paper texture or grain, usually used for heavy stock to paint with pastels to the oil, pencils shaded, watercolors, or paint with ink. The texture traps a bit of the material we are using and allows better shading or uniformity if we are using designs. Depending on the way the paper is made, it can have a purer white or be more yellowish. 

The weight of the paper

The weight of the paper determines the thickness of the paper. The higher the weight, the thicker the paper. For example, to draw, we can only use an 80 gr sheet. But if we want to later paint our work with watercolors, we need that that sheet exceeds 200 gr.

As a cartoonist, it has happened to me more than once to ruin drawings because of this problem. A drawing on a ream paper (usually 85 gr.) I hope you will like this Copic marker Paper article if you like this article, then also share with you designers friends who are planning to buy a new Copic marker or paper.

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