Beauty Tips That Cheers Up Your Fashion

Men in general is always attracted by physical beauty and physical charms, all those physical traits overpowers the measure of virtue, all moral values does not possess any importance besides the art of physical appearances, there is no value for those in the society who does not compete the self crafted standards of beauty, the insecurities of common man towards beauty regime is getting weaker and weaker, that now he is willing to pay anything in order to get the position and rank in between the standards of beauty, the distinction between man does not Have to be on basis physical beauty but rather on the piety.

Beauty Tips Acceptance of One’s Being

One does not have to spent thousands of dollars over beauty products to cheer up the fashion, or to have tons of money to get all the expensive make up elements, one does not need to cover one’s face with the help of pants and colors in order to achieve the perfect tone for your skin, one does not have to conceal all the flaws of once features by veils and the masks, one does not have to transform their features by means of plastic surgeries, by faking all the natural features into something other which is probably inhumane, one must have to be grateful and accept one’s being in whatever and however one is, men must accept their selves all in their true form because all the beauty achieved through makeup, plastic surgery is not eternal it has it’s expiry and this is going to be end on some day.

The Healing Process

Your body, your mind and your soul need to be heal, all these major elements of your self are too tried they need to be rejuvenate to its true form, so how does one can heal all the compound with which men is formed, all this is possible by achieving the eternal piece of mind and life too, so how does it is possible for one to get both the peace of mind and life? The answer to both is tranquility, when the men achieve the true state of tranquility its minds get freed from all the superstition of the world and ultimately the mind, and when the mind gets free, the body it’s self relieves the tension of the pain.

Food, Water and Air are Life in Itself

Which is the living thing in this very realms who could survive without the major factor like fire, water, soil and air every other living being in the planet earth needs all those major universal accepted factors to live or else there is no life left, every cell of every being need food and water to grow and to sustain whatever is leftover, when there’s enough nutrition in ones cell, in ones being then it does not need any external beauty products to achieve the charm cards of beauty, because the healthy body, healthy mind and healthy heart are all beauty in its original sense. Because well said the author ‘beauty comes inside out’.


Bacteria sometimes can be our helpers and some times our toughest rivals, many man get break out because of these bacteria, people get bacteria by touching un cleansed hands on their Face, or by untidy pillow case, or by dirty mobile phones use easyskinz voucher codes to get antibacterial cover to avoid bacteria and break outs altogether along by saving money.


Our society itself give value and respect to those who are following their handmade customs, the one who does not follow all these shit rules does not have the soul, they do not have any personality, and values which men enjoys as human being, we have to put all these things to an end these were few ideas and beauty tips that supports the fashion today too.

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