8 Ways to Generate New App Ideas

Generating a new app idea is very challenging for someone who is just getting started with the mobile industry. Mainly when there are plenty of opportunities available in the market.

Moreover, a considerable amount of time, as well as money, is spent in developing mobile apps, and there is nothing much awful than an app that is not liked by anyone.

Generating new ideas and making sure that they will stand out on the relevant app store is very much essential for successful mobile app development.

For all the people who want to develop a successful mobile app, it is tough to come up with new mobile app ideas. To resolve your issue, here we will present to you some of the most unique and exciting ways to come up with the new app idea.

1.   Solve a Problem

Whenever you want to look for a new idea, you should not think about yourself. No one really cares for an app that is built just to earn profits. People are always looking for solutions to their problems online.

Checkout different problems that people are facing online. Do your research and try to look out for apps that solve that problem or similar problems.

Some of the most innovative mobile app ideas can be generated by solving a problem. Also, various leading apps are built on this criteria. For instance, WhatsApp was released to address communication issues across the planet.

2.   Build an affordable or free version of popular application

You may have found that leading paid apps are always followed by free substitutes. Same apps that target the same audience by providing almost identical value for free or at a nominal price.

You can implement the fermium business model in your free substitute of a leading mobile app. Initially, you can provide all the core features of the app for free. Then, you can integrate more features and sell them at an affordable price.

You can also check out some of the most popular Android and iOS apps on the stores that use a fermium business model.

3.   Find an industry which is underserved

When you are looking for trending app ideas, look out for industries that have not yet integrated the latest tools and technologies.

Here, you can find out these industries on different platforms such as Quora, Facebook, or any other popular forum.

For instance, real estate sector is underserved. You can implement augmented reality technology in this industry. Using this technology, you can showcase various properties to the customers online.

4.   Talk to your Potential Customers

Make an effort to find an app idea considering your target user’s needs. Begin with the user research. The most effective way is to take the interview of your potential customers:

Find answers to the following questions:

  • In which way they solve their issues, which you are trying to solve via a mobile app?
  • Which apps do they use to resolve their issues?
  • For what purpose they use that app?
  • What features they like and don’t like in an existing app?
  • What features are they expecting in the app?

Answer to all the above questions will lead you to a cool app idea. From these questions, you will be able to find a potential audience, requirements of the users, and how you can convert their problems into an effective mobile app.

5.   Copy others ideas and localize for your market

If you are not getting proper app creation ideas, then you can just copy a globally successful app and localize for your market.

You can identify some of the best app ideas by researching some leading applications. Look at them and customize it if you think it’s justifiable.

6.   Keep a Notebook Handy

Anytime you get a new mobile app idea, just jot it down. A notebook is a useful tool not only for managing your ideas but also adequately remembering ideas for a long time.

If a person comes across 50 ideas a day, having a track of all those ideas in the head can be challenging. To start app development, you should possess an idea, therefore always keep a notebook handy.

7.   Look at your Marketing Strategies

Marketing is responsible for a business to enhance growth and generate new sources of income. All the things from your sales team, advertisements, business models, promotional strategies, and partnerships are highly influenced based on the decisions that you make in you marketing section.

To generate new ideas, you should deeply check your existing marketing process and look for the sections that can be converted into an app or whether the app is required to cover the gaps or enhance the customer experience.

Marketing is one of the most trickiest parts of a business; you have to consider a lot of aspects. Due to this, it is a great idea to develop an app for the same.

Find out the part in which you are spending the majority of your marketing budget, and examine how this can be decreased by converting an activity into an app.

8.   Brainstorm like an Expert

Brainstorming is considered awful in some of the circles as if it is done incorrectly; it might waste a lot of your time. Do it in a systematic manner and you will be amazed by the number of ideas you have generated. 

Here are some practical tips that will help you in brainstorming and coming up with trending app ideas.

Use a Visual Board

While brainstorming, it’s always great to have to keep a specific topic in mind. By doing this, you will be able to generate ideas about that context. A visual board is one of the best ways to limit the content you are willing to work upon. Just a picture can also help you to move in the correct direction.

Confront your assumptions

One of the issues that we often face is that we work think under our limited set of assumptions. You can only think in a different way when you question these assumptions.

To begin, think of what type of app you want to create. Later answer questions like, why do you need to develop this type of app, why the app will become successful, and are you the right person to develop this app.

This kind of brainstorming helps to examine robust mobile app ideas.

Think of the Worst Ideas

This method might look unusual at first; however, there is a proper technique for this approach. Firstly, you need to write all the worst ideas on paper and then turn it into positive ones. It’s a simple yet effective approach, you might not be able to convert all the bad ideas into good, but if you just come across one good idea, then you have correctly utilized your brainstorming section. 

So, these were 8 ways that will help you to generate new and innovative mobile app ideas and help you develop a successful mobile app. After getting an idea, you should focus on the development and then marketing part to make it successful.

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