7 Simple Ways to Detox Your Body with Ayurveda

The natural elements form a human body. Our body is a pure frame conserving our soul. We are made up of natural components that often get imbalanced due to our sedentary habits. Ayurveda, the Mother of all Healings, has been taking care of mankind over ears. This ancient art coming out from the Vedic Era is highly praised for its natural remedies that have been rejuvenating our bodies. Ayurveda is added to our daily life can restore the balance of the natural constitution of our body.

There can be several reasons for this unknowing imbalance in us.

The major reasons can be listed as follows:
1. Improper imbalanced diet

2. The major share of junk food in the diet

3. Lack of water intake

4. Improper sleeping patterns

5. Taking meals irregularly

6. Waking up late in the morning

7. No set routine

8. Drugs intake

9. No exercise routine

10. Eating opposite to your body constitution

Ayurveda says,” Every individual has a distinct body constitution.”

Yes, a human body is a combination of three natural elements, also called Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. These three elements are famously known as Tridoshas.

Everyone has a distinct blend of Tridoshas where one of the three doshas holds the dominant share and the other two are recessive.

For example, John can have a greater share of Vata, so he will be called a Vata person whereas Ritz can be a Kapha type because of the Kapha dominating in her constitution.

The body constitution is a very important part of one’s life. As per Ayurveda the constitution of an individual’s body decides his/her:

1. Traits

2. The food one should avoid

3. The type of diet one should have

4. The Ayurveda practices that can aid them

Ayurveda is just not science but its a holy ocean which if explored wisely can heal the biggest pain.

Ayurveda can be counted upon by anyone, provided he is ready to strictly follow what this art says.

We have so much indulged in the race of automation that the waves of easiness have brought an invisible flood to our origin. We are just flowing in this treacherous flood of epidemic thinking it a modern whirl.

We are so much lost in meeting our daily detrimental routine that we ignore the call of our body. By ignoring a healthy routine we just force our body to go against its origin.

Unhealthy habits and noxious routine fills our body with harmful toxins. Impure air, unhealthy food habits and lack of exercise lead to toxin accumulation which in turn becomes an unheard cause of physical and emotional illnesses.

Ayurveda has every answer, it is just that you need to listen to it carefully.

To restore the purity of your body you need to scrub your internal organs.

Scrub internal organs?

Yes, you can do it with Ayurveda.

Ayurveda gives you a virtual scrub hidden in its daily practice which rejuvenates your body by flushing off the toxins from your holistic body.

Whatever body type you are, there are some simple ways you can follow to detoxify with Ayurveda:

1. Drink plenty of water: The major cause of toxin accumulation is the lack of water in our body. Water is the major source of oxygen for us. Poor water intake can weaken our internal organs thereby depleting them gradually. Depleted organs fail to perform efficiently thus leading to toxin accumulation.

A proper water intake breaks down the toxins and expels them out through urination or defecation.

2. A balanced diet: Try to consult with an efficient Ayurveda Consultant and get yo know your body type. Your diet should include less oil, organic simple seasonal food with the least species to achieve healthy wellbeing. One should eat according to his body constitution. Thus, it is better to say no to the junk and shift to a healthy organic less spicy diet. Besides this do not forget to take every meal of the day on time. Improper routine can be your biggest enemy!

3. Add a glass full of lukewarm water with lemon: A glass of warm water and freshly squeezed lemon is best to start your day. This wonder aggregate has the ability to flush out pollutants from the body. You may additionally upload this drink with grated ginger for better results. Lemon and ginger together improve digestion and provide the metabolism a boost. This is the easiest detoxification drink to prepare. Make certain you are consuming it on an empty belly for a powerful detox. This is one of the only home treatments for detoxifying your body.

4. Scrape your tongue daily: Bacteria accumulated on the tongue can cause poor digestion leading to the weak liver. By scrapping your tongue you flush off the bacteria from the tongue. Make sure to scrap your tongue every morning after brushing to attain hygienic wellbeing.

5. Dry Brush your skin: It’s vital to scrub off your dead cell to detoxify your skin. Exfoliating your skin with a natural bristle brush before taking a shower removes the toxicants. This helps you to remove the impurities from your skin. Besides this improves blood circulation, reduces cellulite as well as gives a natural glow to your skin. Let your skin breath to redefine your wellbeing with Ayurveda.

6. Exercise daily: Our body has a natural detoxifier that we often ignore. The sweat glands are enough in themselves to expel toxins from your body. A lethargic lifestyle can never let you step out from impure wellbeing. You need to keep your machinery working to protect it from the unhealthy rust.  From machinery I mean your holistic body having several organs working altogether. Include a routine of exercise in your daily life. If you are in dilemma from where to start this daily routine you can consider 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh.

7. Tea: Tea includes super antioxidants that can do wonders for your body. Drinking tea every morning will curb unwanted toxin accumulation. There are several teas with amazing detoxifying virtues. Green tea is excellent in balancing metabolism. Milk thistle and dandelions aid proper liver functioning.

Add these simple herbal methods of Ayurveda in your daily role, to frame a cosmic cushion around your body to protect it from toxin accumulation.

Wish you a happy Detox!ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Dhruv Sharma is an excellent yoga teacher working to impart the deepest secret of Yoga and Ayurveda to the world to set a new milestone in fostering healthy wellbeing worldwide. He is a virtuous person indulged in Ayurveda and Yoga from a very young age. This is his personal daily basic Ayurveda Routine that he wants everyone to follow for achieving a naturally healthy lifestyle.  Website: https://www.harithayogshala.com

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